Tuesday, January 22, 2013

feeling blue

new fabrics for another BLUE idea
Changing ideas at the last minute. I don’t feel artsy at all right now. There’s so much going on in my head that I’m having a hard time to focuss. Yesterday was BLUE Monday ( the third Monday in January) and today it feels like BLUE Tuesday to me! Keeping my fingers crossed that my new idea will work out.
I manipulated the picture of the new lay-out in Photoshop

I would not mind to show a picture of my real process, but I’m not sure if you would like me to give away what I’m working on.

The above pictures are manipulated in Photoshop. The real lay-out is very minimal and straight forward.

Happy Blue Stitches!



  1. I like your fabric selection. The mosaic pattern looks very ambitious but I know you are up to the challenge.

  2. love love that manipulation in photoshop! I just bought photoshop elements but haven't really used it yet!

  3. Love what I'm seeing Nicolette! Gotta start playing with my Photoshop Elements too! The layout looks intriquing.

  4. OOh, very exciting! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  5. Fun, this looks like quite the challenge! You mention wanting to show your process photo ... I thought we had discussed that in this next round we could ask for opinions, etc through the process, so I think you could ahead and share but perhaps should comment first on that. I'm all for getting advice or opinions if we feel it could help us as we go along.

  6. all kinds of interesting bits! I'm with Gina - preview posts for input should be fine!