Friday, March 7, 2014

A Beginning

It is awfully quiet, here at the TT blog. I hope you are just bursting with excitement and are progressing on our challenge due March 16. Here is something to keep you guessing.


  1. I have my idea and will be doing some sketching and construction this weekend - hope it goes as planned, if not, I'll just use a little artistic licence with it! Yours is definitely keeping me guessing Judy!

  2. Oh this looks like fun and so intriguing! I have my idea but have only used pencil and paper so far. I hope to spend some time in the sewing room this weekend.

  3. As most of you know, I have already started my piece, but I will be working hard to get it finished. Too many commitments at the moment. Two uni courses, A class with Elizabbeth Barton and one with Catherine Nicholls and also watching Julie fei fan balzer's series this week.
    But I will just have to say up late, lol
    By the way judy, this looks intriguing

  4. This does look very intriguing Judy. I initially had trouble with this theme, but I think I have something now. However, I may be a bit late. There has been a death in my family and it has been difficult to get going in the studio.