Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tumbling into the rear

Well at long last I have managed to finish my piece.  A family event had kept me from my sewing machine and the muse was having no artistic licence at all.  Nevertheless, I spent time trying to coming up with something.  I had recently attended a workshop by Sue Benner, where we studied various design concepts. One in particular, rectilinear design, nudged my creative juices.  I started looking at square, rectangular, and oblong design settings.  One in particular kept coming up.  Here is a picture of what I kept seeing.
 and another one

Numerous pictures of "Tumbling Blocks" quilts.

I had created some "odd" blocks in Sue's class that gave the impression of being tumbled.  They looked like this.

I had already given an idea to Lisa for this challenge so I couldn't use that one.  She blogged about it here. Yup! That's when the epiphany hit.   If artistic licence gives me the freedom to take something, change it, and still have it be recognizable, then here is my rendition.
But to get the entire effect of how I used artistic license here is the full picture.  You can read about it's construction here.
Go figure...I've called it Blocks Tumbling. Ta da, more artistic license!  LOL!  Thanks Judy for the theme.  It was a challenger.


  1. I really like your version of tumbling blocks, Brigitte! It is light hearted and fun, full of movement and color.

  2. This sort of artistic licence is what quilting is all about. I love how you have taken something very traditional and turned (or tumbled) it into something entirely new. Worth the wait!

  3. this is great Brigitte! Love your version of tumbling blocks - very effective, very artistic!

  4. Way to go, Brigitte!! Yet another creative approach to artistic license. I am glad you found a way to run with the theme in a totally unexpected manner, as did Lisa. I am especially intrigued by the different fabrics you used to achieve the tumbling effect.

  5. I'd like to ditto all the comments above as this is a wonderful take on tumbling blocks as I see those colourful blocks joyfully bouncing down the stairs. I like the extra touch of using your dark fabric in your binding, adds a nice frame and that little extra matching brown seems perfect there.

  6. yes! I love your version of tumbling blocks and the combination of placement, angles, quilting, piecing really enhances the tumbling movement! Great interpretation of 'artistic license' and now I owe you an idea!!! (I would love to hear more about your class with Sue Benner!)