Sunday, March 16, 2014

Artistic License- Beverly

Artistic License, 16" X 20" (approx.)
Hand dyed cottons, machine pieced, machine quilted

I knew going in to this challenge that I wanted to learn more about the minimalist artists.  Piet Modrian was the first I thought of, but a little googling and I came up with several others I liked.  Not only does the 'less is more' esthetic appeal to me, I also learned where a lot of modern quilts draw their inspiration from.

So what is my 'license'?  Modrian used primary colors, I used secondary.  He framed his colors with black, I used white.  This piece was also used to answer some "what if" questions I posed.  What if I used more than one color thread for quilting?  What if I used squares and rectangles for my quilting designs, but did not echo the squares and rectangles on the quilt, but created another layer of design?
It's also another piece to see how I can showcase hand dyed fabric (in this case, snow dyed) in a design surrounded by solids.

It was interesting to see how the effect of the color changes with the threads influenced the look of the fabric.  It was most obvious on the snow dyed fabric.

I was also interested to see how the thread color influenced the negative white space.  I'm not sure how I feel about that yet!

It has been a long year with the muse largely absent for me.  I'm beginning to wonder what it will take to get her back!


  1. I like! Interesting how we've both used the same artist for inspiration! I like how you've used the colour and the quilting to make a statement in your piece. The quilting is just wonderful and adds a whole new layer to the quilt

  2. Another mondrian and a different interpretation again I like how you have used coloured thread, very subtle and of course I love your colours much more than mondrian. Using near complement colours really gives it pop.

  3. I like how you've show cased your snow dyed fabric in Mondrian style! And I like how the colored stitching affected your white space. I find the more I look at your piece the more details I find as I follow your stitches through the rectangles. Nicely done!

  4. Your lovely quilting reminds me of following a maze around and around. In your snow dyed fabric, I can almost see a figure in the largest vertical panel and suggestions of other almost recognizable objects in other areas. I really appreciated your explanation of how you consciously deviated from Mondrian to make the piece uniquely your own .

  5. I must try your "what if" questioning. Your's all turned out wonderfully. Even though you did not echo the squares and rectangles with your FMQ, it emphasized the setting or your piece. I really like the visual symmetry it created.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your thought and creative process in this challenge! I really like your interpretation on our challenge. LOVE your snow dyed fabric and the quilting!!!