Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Monarch


Concept: A single egg laid on a pesticide-free milkweed leaf can help save the Monarchs.

The Plan: Depict a milkweed leaf with a single Monarch egg. Use the colors of the caterpillar to represent the Monarch. I started looking closely at the plants in our yard, then searched the internet for close-up photos of the milkweed leaf. Then I did a rustic sketch of my idea and did a color version on my Asus tablet. 
The Making: I wanted to use hand dyed fabric for the main body of the leaf as I didn't want a totally solid piece of green. I was glad that I had kept some samples and actually labeled them from the last time I did some dyeing. 
 Luckily I found a piece large enough and with enough variegation that I was totally happy to use it rather than dye a new piece.
 I laid out the basic leaf adding some darker green for shadow effect and possibly a red piece down the center vein. (later I chose to use thread instead of the red fabric)
I did a few sample pieces of painting in yellow veins but opted to keep it simple and clean, choosing the 'less is more' idea. 

The Monarch: created with Artistic License.....

I used gold metallic thread to stitch around the white egg to represent the importance of these tiny little pieces of nature. They are fragile and need our help.

Thank you Judy for "Artistic License". I was very inspired!


  1. This not only appeals to my minimalist side, my 'tree hugger' side loves it too! I like the simplicity and elegance of both the execution and the message- well done, Gina!

  2. you've used your artistic license to fabulous effect, Gina! I love how you used the colour and pattern of the caterpillars to form your border. The leaf is wonderful - simplistic but totally identifiable, and the gold thread on the egg adds just the right touch. A wonderful tribute to the beautiful Monarch, and a reminder to us all to remember to protect the world around us.

  3. I love this, gina and it is so you. you know how I love leaves and butterflies, so this is just the thing for me. I love looking at clean lines and simplifyed themes, however I get too detailed in my own work. A wonderful tribute to a beautiful being

  4. I like your approach to our challenge. Your comments remind me of recent news articles this past year of the declining monarch population and of Barbara Kingsolver's book, Flight Behavior, which also explores this theme. Your color scheme does such a good job of portraying your idea.

  5. What a wonderful interpretation of one of Mother Nature's beautiful creations and an excellent use of your artistic license. I like how you chose to portray the microscopic view of the Monarch's first "home", the milkweed leaf. You have artistically portrayed and elegantly expressed the life of these tiny creatures.

  6. Wow! I think some times I think too much about the interpretation of each challenge. I love your 'take' on artistic license!!!! Love the simplicity of this piece and the thoughts behind it!!! The border pattern/colors ... so cool! and labeling samples of dyed fabric... wow!