Friday, October 21, 2011

Do What You Know...

I found the theme of challenge #3
to be....
a challenge!

As you recall, I had a couple of false starts before
I did what I know
and I ended up creating these...

challenge #3, tools: Where's My ....?

Well, not really these.

But this...

challenge #3, tools" Where's My....?

Yes, it is really just ONE quilt!!!

I started with a couple of photos of my cutting table in its often state of disarray
(yes, I am not proud of it but it is reality!)

 I edited them using tools in Picnik,
challenge #3
printed three of them on muslin,
and bordered  the photos using a couple of 
my sunprints that have tools...
safety pins...
sun dyed fabric


sun dyed fabric

I then tried my hand at thread sketching
(I took a class with Nancy Prince last year and never finished the project,
but hey! I learned a lot!)

thread sketched rotary cutter
and added a piece of velcro on the back of the rotary cutter.

Then I got the idea that this is by no means the only tool
that gets lost on my cutting table, so...
since I had a piece of velcro on the front of the quilt
to hold my rotary cutter....

challenge #3, tools" Where's My....?

I also added a strip of velcro to the back of the quilt..

challenge #3

to hold my extra tools
while I display one on the front...

challenge #3

depending on what disaster has afflicted me for the moment.

And yes...
there are days when I feel that I have lost
one of the most basic tools I have...

a thread sketched brain
(my brain!)


  1. LOL ... I'll add that again LOL! This is a quilt many of us could use in our studios. How ingenious!

  2. oh, I'm with you on that. do you know where my point turner is? or my extra pair of scissors.

  3. What, a mess in ones studio? I can't imagine!! Just kidding. A fun take on a "tool" problem common to us all. Your thread work is amazing.

  4. OH! What a fun and funny way to address this theme! I relate to my relationship with tools being a out HUNTING for them all too often! Pi love the thread painted pieces and how you can change them (and hopefully not lose them!)

  5. what a wonderful fun piece! I always enjoy seeing pics of your studio, as mine so often looks the same way, but it's when I "cleanup" that I'm always losing my tools! Your thread painting is incredible - wow! and hey - I think that's my brain that has wandered off!

  6. This is so inventive. And so fun! Your thead appliques are really great, so you did some thread painting after all! I don't think my brain has wandered off, unfortunately, I know, lol

  7. How much fun is this...what an wonderful interpretation of the theme Lisa. How did you do all of the thread-sketched pieces, in particular the brain. Oooooo I love your thread sketching, kinda puts mine to shame.

  8. Lisa, you have such a fun sense of humor! Love the thread painted tools, and perhaps you've come up with a unique way to help keep track of all those tools!

    And yes, I can definitely relate to the bit about losing one's brain---

  9. Oh Lisa, I love this!! It’s a real UpstateLisa original! What a fun way to approach the theme and so true!