Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I feel like I am at a ball game!!!

Truth be told...I am not a big fan of baseball but this challenge really has me crying foul!!! Well, not really but the theme had me stumped.

I actually have had several tries to get this project going...

Striiiiiiiike one!!!!!

strike 1!!! 
Thread painting seemed like a great idea at the time but
I have discovered that I really DO NOT have the patience
to create a 16"x16" quilt in this technique!!!!

Striiiiiiike two!!!!!

strike 2!!!
This is an image transfer using Citra-Solv.
It was fun to try, even smelled good,
but even though my photograph isn't great,
this transfer was too light to work with.


I think we have a winner!!!!

strike----!!! No we have a home run!!!

Yes, I think we do!!!!!
Don't you wanna know what it is!??? 

Well, I won't print the date since I messed that up last round 
but you will see the whole baseball diamond, so to speak, 
on reveal day!!!


  1. Okay, I am clueless!! Sorry your first two attempts didn't work out.

  2. LOL Sorry this was a tough round but sounds like you hit a home run, looking forward to seeing the whole field!

  3. Sorry this has been a rough one, I've no doubt you've come up with something good after the first two strikes.

  4. unfortunately, I'm not seeing any of your images tonight, but so sorry you were having some problems - can't wait to see how you've resolved it!

  5. Just a short stop to see what you were up to. couldn't see the pictures, but your pitch sounded good. (Sorry, couldn't resist the baseball terms)

  6. I’m clueless as I couldn’t see the pictures, but I don’t doubt you will make something beautiful again!

  7. Checked out the pictures on flickr, so no probs, but glad you seem to finally feel on the right track. As usual, can't wait to you everyones' work.