Friday, October 21, 2011

tools... ?

Unexpected wheels
16" x 16"
mixed media

I was really glad to get some feedback from you all and even happier with the fact that the quilt didn’t necessarily need to show tools. Obviously everything I would make would involve tools. That was a light bulb moment and I was able to start from there all over again.

Working on this quilt was fun and filled with experiments. You can read all about it and see lots of pictures of the different phases on my private blog.

I still need to finish the edges of the quilt, and maybe I want to make more embellishing stitches on the painted areas, but the quilt is still drying as we speak. I don’t want to use a fabric binding, so I think it will be finished with a machine stitched blanket stitch. I’m open to suggestions from your part!

I’m happy with the overall result. And.. you know what I love... ? That my third quilt also involves circles!

I was inspired to make this quilt by a Quilting Arts workshop video about Mixed Media Art Quilts (with Beryl Taylor). I also purchased a workshop video from Cloth Paper Scissors about fabric paper. Maybe something for the next challenge?

Thanks Gina for a wonderful theme that got my mind tangled!



  1. Nicolette, this has so much movement and rhythm! The pops of bright colors among the blues draws me in for a closer look. For someone who started off not knowing what direction to take, I'd say you came up with a winner!

  2. this is fabulous Nicolette - I love all the colours and the circles! Wonderful. From a state of confusion, you definitely created a work or art. Off to read about the details!

  3. Wow, Nicolette, one would never know you had felt stumped by this theme! This is wonderful and I like how you have continued with your circles. I'll head over to your blog to see your details of the making.

  4. Oh Nicolette, this is stunning! wow.

  5. I love it and it is very familiar to me. You have chosen great colours and made it your own. All I can say is your blocks must have been very fiddly with all that cutting out!

  6. I like the feeling of motion that I get when I look at this piece. Maybe it's because the cirlces remind me of wheels, which are a form of tools right? Going to read the details.