Thursday, October 20, 2011

ideas that didn‘t make it

When I read Gina’s post about the tools she didn‘t do, I remembered what my take of was.

My initial idea was to make a quilt about wings, a tool needed to fly. I started with an enlarged picture of a dragonfly wing and got lost.

When I was decluttering my workspace I discovered some sketches in watercolour and gouache. I made them about 20 years ago.

My idea was to make a quilt with yet another appliqué technique. However, I really wanted to do something else for this challenge so I started looking for colourpencils to use on fabrics, to achieve the pastel look of the watercolour sketch. 

The same story goes for the scissors

as well as the safety pins.

What you will find here tomorrow is something totally different!

Can’t wait to see what you have all been working on!



  1. very cool Nicolette. Looking forward to seeing what everyone has. Looks like we all had stops and starts.

  2. I really like these designs and the water colour effects!

  3. Your rejects do indeed look like watercolors. They have such an "arty" feeling.

  4. Wow Nicolette!!! Can't wait to see the whole piece. This looks like you had a wonderful time "playing". I really want to hear about your process.

  5. these pieces are fabulous Nicolette - I hope you come back to them again and work them, or at least their ideas, into a new piece.

  6. Yes, I really like all your try outs, too. They all a have have a really sharp abstract look.