Friday, October 21, 2011

I see red

When I started this theme, I was very literal about the topic, but about two weeks ago someone gave me a piece of fabric with buttons on it and it started me thinking.  This fabric did find it's way into my quilt.... as the backing.
This quilt was really something totally different for me and is really a lot of little quilts on a bigger quilt.  And, all the little quilts are about buttons!.  I decided that since a tool is something we use to make a task easier, then buttons are a tool. 
This quilt is loosely based on Beryl Taylor's work and has a multitude of materials and techniques.  It occured to me as I was making it (all by hand - and I loved it!) that the whole quilt is actually a tool.  It is a sampler.
I actually have a second in production, as I made too many blocks and they would not all fit (since I just made them up as I went along), so it will be one of a pair, both quite different because they have different materials and techniques, but the same because they are red and gold button quilts.
Here's a list of the materials, in no particular order:
satin ribbon, brocade, sinnamay, shot crepe, hand painted lutradur, rainbow spun, fabric paper, embroidered applique, angelina, velvet, metallic organza, modelling paste, nylon knitting ribbon. plastic onion netting, painted fusible, shot organza, satin, organza, felt, hand painted cotton, brads, sequins, beads, seed beads, bugle beads, metallic perl coil, a variety of weights of matching thread, cardboard labels, nail polish, gold acrylic paint, satin cord,  and a few buttons....
And the techniques:
beading, running stitch, smocking, chain stitch, fly stitch, cross stitch, seed stitch, satin stitch, blanket stitch, whip stitch, distressed chiffon, stacked buttons, angelina fused film, painted fusible, stencilled modelling paste, frayed edges, origami and a bit of assembly stitching.

Wow, that was a mouthful! and I only used half the blocks I made!  Anyway, as I said, this is very different for me and I hope it's not too different.  It's just what I felt like at the time, lol.

Looking forward to your reveals, but it's bed time here!


  1. Oh Vicki this is beautiful! Love everything there’s to see in this quilt and the colours speak to me!

    We were both inspired my the same artist, Beryl Taylor! That’s incredible!

  2. This is wonderful! I love all the little quilts - the variety of fabrics, techniques, the colour - I love red! and just the overall layout. It really draws you in to take a closer look.
    I love that both you and Nicolette were inspired by Beryl Taylor's work - she is very inspiring, and her methods passed through my thoughts for this challenge, too!

  3. This is beautiful Vicki! What a great interpretation of 'tools' and I love all the techniques and materials you used, how they all came together and I certainly admire you doing it all by hand!

  4. Vicki, this is amazing. Perhaps you could do some tutorials for us on the various techniques you included!!

  5. A wonderful sampler of buttons, fibers, and techniques. Ditto the tutorial idea!! I hope you will post the results of what you do with the "extras".

  6. while i am not a fan of "art quilts" i love this version of yours and how you have made it as a sampler.. i am almost tempted to try something similar

  7. Thanks a lot everyone, I am finallyhome and can look at all your lovely work.

  8. ps. I will be going over all the bits and pieces and doing tuts for part two on my blog next week, or here too, if you like

  9. Oh Vicki, this piece is such a delight to look at. I had to check it out in close up and there are so many little details to explore. I love it!