Friday, October 21, 2011

Fractured Sewing Gallery

I had a hard time deciding which tools I was going to use. When I decided on sewing tools, I started by photographing some of the items I use when creating fiber art and then manipulating the images in Photoshop. After printing these images on fabric, I was disappointed with the results and decided to locate vintage images related to sewing. I took these images into Photoshop, layered them over other images and then printed them on commercial fabric especially designed for ink jet printing and the results were much better. 

After completing the first piece, I decided it was too much like a traditional quilt. I think you will agree.

Tools 1

I had printed more images then I could possible use so I proceeded to construct a "fractured" sewing gallery. I sliced through the images and then fused them to another piece of fabric which served to frame the image. These were then pieced and machine quilted. So the ending result in not quite as "quilt like" as the first attempt.

Tools 2

I was not happy with the traditional method of turned binding as an edge finish. After looking through several books for ideas, I came across a finishing technique called No-Binding Binding in Art Quilt Workbook by Jane Davila and Elin Waterston. ( Scroll to page 80 for instructions). This technique was easy to do and resulted in edges which hang straight and are not wavy.


  1. Both Tools 1 and 2 are great quilts but I really do like what you did with Tools 2! The vintage design and colors are wonderful and the extra steps in 'fracturing' and working a new composition worked perfectly! .... I have that book and will go have a closer look at the binding technique you used.

  2. Love both also but am drawn to the fracture look and the vintage-y look of the second quilt. Seems we all worked hard at this theme.

  3. Love the vintage-y feel to these quilts. The fracturing does add a wonderful layer to the second quilt, and your layered images turned out wonderfully. I think that that book is in my library too! Off to take a look!

  4. I love the fractured one, too. The vintage pictures are really well complemented by the fabric you used with them. Gives them a lovely old world feel. great!

  5. I love the old world feel of these pieces and like Tools 2 the best. The vintage images add to that sense of "from a bygone era".

  6. Those vintage images are wonderful and so evocative of a different era. I like both, but the fracturing does add another layer of interest. This would look gorgeous hanging in anyone's studio!

    And I must be the only person in the group who doesn't have that book--

  7. Judy I love both the quilts, cause I always feel attracted to old lables and pictures of brands.
    The second quilt is more interesting cause of the fracturing, there’s more do discover. Congratulations!
    I’m curious about the binding, cause I don’t have the book either...