Thursday, September 12, 2013

As open as you can get

so here I am again.  very late.  Unfortunately, I was up really late last night, not working on this, which I finished a week ago, but on a larger piece that this one suggested.  when the muse is there, you just have to go with it!
of course that meant I slept the morning away.  so here is my open piece.
in some ways, this piece is along a direction I have been moving along for about a year now, since being inspired by melanie testa and then deborah boshert.  i suppose you could say it is a cross between the two...with a bit of leah day thrown in, but my technique is a bit different to all of them.
All of the fabrics are silks and satins and sampes from the recycle depot.  basically I just place them all down and play 'til I like them, but since i am going to do a silhouette over the top i am not too picky.
the silhouette in this case is of some bluebells, which Ijust sketched, in a midnight blue organza.  i free machined that down, then glued the seam line, then cut it out.
after that, I free motion quilted in the different spaces of the collage (well, most of them).
Then square up and bind, and there we go!
I suppose we could say, that as spring is here and the flowers are opening, it is along the lines of the open challenge, but it didn't begin as a challenge piece at all.  I have a couple of half finished pieces as well, one that I will just cut up and reuse and one i will finish eventually.....
This piece is just over A3 size or 11 by 17 in, so that is open, too.
hope you like it1


  1. Oh yes, I really like it! I love the colours, the composition and the translucent quality of the overlapping elements, seems you played just perfectly with all those pieces!

  2. Oh how I wish my playing turned out as artistically composed as this piece of yours, Vicki. I especially like your use of the organza in your piece.

  3. Your use of complementary colors makes your piece vibrant. The layering technique with the organza is the feature that makes the piece outstanding.

  4. This is neat Vicki! I like your choice of colours and the bluebells appear as a shadow across the piece to me. The collaged background gives lots of movement and interest. Very nice!

  5. Vicki, I always love your collage-like approach to your art! I really like the translucence of the bluebells!

  6. I really love this Vicki! All the layers and colours work so well together!
    It looks like you feel more free when you work in a different size than square.

  7. Vicki, this is wonderfully done. I love the sheers and how you use them.

  8. Very creative and wonderfully put together Vicki.

  9. WOW - painting with textiles. Beautiful