Friday, September 13, 2013

Open- Beverly

First, I am sooooo sorry to be posting this a day late.  I left for a week long workshop Monday morning, thinking that I would have plenty of opportunity to post on time with my iPad.  When I got there- no wifi!  I have been without internet access all week- real withdrawals for me!

However, I did complete my piece well ahead of the deadline, so here it is--

Open, 23 1/4" by 15 1/4"
Hand dyed cottons, machine pieced and quilted

I took Gina's theme at face value- there is no "hidden" meaning to this quilt!  I took the opportunity to continue to explore modern design, using my hand dyes.  I wanted to see what would happen if I paired a textured, multi-color hand dye with a solid.

This is the first one I've done for our challenges that doesn't measure 16 by 16.  I wanted to express an idea of an object leaning into the wind- so I used straight line machine quiltint on the multi-color fabric, and loose, wavy lines on the solid background.  I'm rather pleased with the result, and plan to continue these kinds of explorations.

And now I'm off to unpack all the bins and fabric and other stuff from my five day workshop, and cruise to the blog and see what everyone else has been up to!


  1. It is interesting that something which appears to be so simple has lots of complexity, upon further examination. The multi-colored fabric works so well against the dark background and the vertical and horizontal quilting gives an added dimension which is not apparent at first glance. The multi-colored fabric is so rich! After your workshop, I am sure we will be treated to more of your dyed fabric in future creations.

  2. I truly enjoy the simplicity of this piece. I agree with JB that close examination opens up the complexity within the piece. I'm looking forward to seeming more of your explorations into this design genre.

  3. Your Open quilt is a wonderful example of less is more and I love it! Somehow I keep on looking at the blue lines and the quilting to discover that the eye feels fooled!

  4. a wonderful piece Beverly! I can feel myself bracing myself in the wind just looking at it - you've captured that feeling very well. The contrast in the quilting adds just the right tension to complement your fabulous fabric choices. Simple and complex all at once - love it!

  5. Hope it was a quilting workshop! Beverly, I also love the simplicity of this piece. Your hand dyed fabrics are beautiful! And your quilting lines give great movement to your quilt!

  6. I love the contrasts and colours in this piece and the dimensionality of the hsnd dyed pieces. The clean lines give it a sense of both drama and calmness

  7. This is beautiful Beverly! Your quilting, color choices and composition all make this so dimensional with lots of movement. I keep going back and enlarging your photo as it keeps calling to me!