Thursday, September 12, 2013

Open Ended

I chose to take Gina at her word and made this an "open art event".  I had used a similar technique years ago in a cloth book and decided now was a good time to try the technique again.

Fall Leaves
This technique requires lots of fusible web.

The process:

  • decide on the dimensions of the project
  • iron fabric to fusible web and cut strips in varying widths 
fused strips of fabric
  • remove paper from fusible web
  • decide which strips will be the the warp and which will be the weft
  • set up a weaving board securing the warp at one end with pins. (A piece of cardboard works well).

    warp attached to weaving board
  • begin weaving the weft strips

  • When the weaving is complete, tighten up the warp and weft strips so no background shows through
  • Place the completed weaving on a background fabric and iron. Follow fusible web manufacturers instructions. Make sure the entire piece is fused to the background fabric.
  • Layer the weaving, batting and another piece of backing fabric and the piece is ready for quilting
The warp I used was originally black, but after completing the weaving, I decided the contrast between the warp and the weft strips was too great, so I fused and cut more strips and wove the piece again. The fun part is substituting one woven strip for another without needing to use a seam ripper.

Open Ended

Did you see the five leaves? I couldn't decide whether or not to stitch around them. What do you think?


  1. This is such a fun technique and great results! I did see the five leaves and I think I'd like it if you stitched around them as they would stand out a little more rather than be so camouflaged. I'm glad you took 'open' to be truly an open call and you went for "Open Ended"!

  2. What a great way to interpret "open". I see four leaves and the fifth eludes me, but perhaps that is a good thing. It makes me look longer at the piece and find all the different textures that are within. Stitching around the leaves would certainly make them more prominent. Wonderful piece Judy and enjoyed your description of the process.

  3. very effective! I love the movement and texture you get with the woven affect. I too can only see 4 of the leaves, but also like the fact of trying to find them and exploring the piece closely. I think a bit of outlining on the leaves would be effective, but it wouldn't have to be too obvious! Great piece Judy!

  4. You know I love leaves, so I love this! What a great technique! Perhaps you could outline the leaves, but sometimes it is good to have some subtle elements to draw the viewer in, which this certainly does1

  5. Judy, I love the way your mind thinks! what a great technique! esp if a seam ripper is not involved!

  6. Such a fun technique Judy! Love your take on the Open challenge!

  7. Judy, you got great results with this technique. Love, love, love your colors. And yes, I say quilt the leaves so they pop and provide a nice counterpoint to the grid.