Thursday, September 12, 2013

Open to Change

So many different ways to interpret this.  As someone who likes to experiment, and my "creations" don't always match my original plans and expectations, I really have to be open to change!
In a recent workshop day with Catherine Nicholls, we were experimenting, (or more correctly playing!)  with pen and ink.  This is something that I have absolutely no experience with, but oh what a great day it was!  We had some fun with playing with dots - lots of fun in fact!  (more about that in a future post on my blog)
and eventually, we reached the point where we were to paint cherry blossoms using Inktense pencils, washes and shading.  The fun with this is that it is so unpredictable as to what you will get.
I am no artist.  It soon became apparent that I was not creating a cherry blossom in any way shape or form!

decidedly not cherry blossom like

Much more tulip like.  I was open to this, and worked with what was presented, adding some shading with pencil crayons and dots.  Some faux trapunto, some dense quilting (whaaaaattt?!) and my end result

This is an example of what I like about creating - being open to what is revealing itself as you progress and being open to change to take a project in a completely different direction!
You never know what comes next!
Thank you Gina, I really enjoyed this theme!

Finished size 16" x 16"
Wholecloth, painted, pen & inked, traputoed and quilted,
Superior Bottomline thread top and bottom


  1. Janet, this is really lovely. The flower and letters are so 3 dimensional and the close quilting really adds to the effect. The shading on the flower is just right. Perfecto!

  2. I love this, Janet. The flower is beautiful, no mater what the type. The letters are great, too. Catherine is a great teacher, isn't she?

  3. Stunning, just stunning! The trapunto really gives shape to the tulip bud, giving the impression of ready to burst open. The lettering really adds to the piece.

  4. I'm glad you liked this theme as I really like how you approached it and what you've created, beautiful as always! And I love the message you've expressed with your art piece.

  5. Janet, you ARE an artist! Your flower is beautiful! As always, your quilting is perfect!

  6. I love this Open quilt so much, it’s stunning!!! I would love to read more about all the techniques you used.

  7. This is beautifully done, Janet- the raised effect on the letters and flower is stunning. You also have real talent with those inks and pencils, IMHO! And I especially appreciate the thought behind the creation.