Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally into the Fabric.....

Until yesterday Celebration was just a series of ideas in my head and a wide range of sketches, none of which had a way of materializing as I'm not as home with all my stash of fabrics and supplies. However I have some fabric samples, old pillow cases and odd bits and pieces that can certainly be turned into a celebration. Friends have given me lots of ideas and this card I received a couple days ago may have set my theme. Thanks Holly! This is one of Holly's beautiful photographs.

 So I printed off a few of my own summer photographs onto an old pillow case with freezer paper adhered to it. Here's a preview of some of the fabric that MAY make it into my Celebration ......
 I'd love to add some of the flowers I've been drying but don't know if I'll find any tulle and the netting I've saved from onions and other groceries just don't seem to work!
I needed a colour fix yesterday so did some fabric painting and laid a fine grid on it, laid it out in the sun and created this piece of fabric .....
Here's hoping everyone is enjoying whatever they are CELEBRATING!


  1. Love the colours of the flowers Gina. If you have some fresh flowers, have you tried the technique of flower "pounding"? That might work.

  2. Yes, if there are some pale fabrics, but the flowers need to be fresh for that. You could try putting the flowers on with PVA or medium like making fabric paper with the flowers added to it.

  3. Gina, it’s wonderful to see your approach to the celebration theme!

  4. Lovely! You seem to be able to get a lot done when you aren't home! Do you take your dyes with you???

  5. I like the idea of attaching dried flowers. I am eager to see your solution.

  6. love that piece of fabric you've painted! and your transfers onto the old pillowcase - do you treat the fabric first with anything, or just adhere the freezer paper to it and run it through the printer? The colours in your dried flowers are wonderful - I hope you come up with a method for attaching them