Monday, August 29, 2011

metaphorical tools

OK Vicki, you kicked off, here’s a picture of one of the tool ideas that I might work out.
Do you have a clue? Even if you do, it still says nothing about the techniques I want to try! I really hope to step out of my comfort zone for this challenge.

Some other ideas I sketched are way more literally. I’m afraid when I show those that they will be very obvious.

Did any of you ever used Gutta (or other resists) on cotton fabrics? Or is there something that can be used on cotton that works like Gutta? My mother used it when she painted on silk. I would love to know!

Enjoy the challenge!



  1. Yes, I've used Gutta on cotton - I particularly liked the kind that left a colored line (my favorite is gold metallic:). Far as I can remember, it worked pretty much the same as for silk - had to put gutta on both the back and the front of the line you wanted to seal closed to be sure of the coverage since cotton is a thicker thread than silk.

    I think I got the stuff from Dharma?

    :) Linda

  2. I haven't done this, but wouldn't soy wax and one of those drawing thingies work?

  3. Have fun with your resists, whichever ones you try out!