Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jump for Joy!!!

Today is the day 
that I finally get to reveal challenge #2!!!

When the theme, "celebrate" was announced
it happened that our family was about to celebrate a great milestone in our lives...

the completion of high school for our oldest child!!!!

My beautiful baby has graduated!

Like other members of our little textile group,
I like to try new techniques when challenged...

and that in itself can be a challenge and a little nerve wracking...
 but I started with the basic techniques from this new book of mine...

Guess what I'm reading this weekend?!

I used a photo that I had of my "Teen with lots of stuff"

which I then enlarged, using Picasa, into a poster

challenge #2, celebrate

and also changed to black and white so I could check value every so often...

challenge #2, celebrate

I traced it onto tracing paper..

challenge #2, celebrate

and then onto muslin before I began gluing on many, many scraps of fabric...

challenge #2, celebrate

Now this project is NOT for the faint (or at least, neat) of heart...

challenge #2, celebrate

remember we do NOT create in a vacuum!!!

the scrap boxes have exploded!

Gradually, the quilt took shape,
or should I say face....
challenge #2, celebrate... a process!
I finished the top by
(1) adding a layer of black tulle,
(2) free motion quilting,
and (3) binding it with a facing!

and so now....

Let's Celebrate!!!!

challenge #2, celebrate


  1. I knew you would be first up, lisa. And what a Presentation! We will all have to live up to that! What can I say? Your quilt is so beautiful, both the quilt and the celebration it is about. I love the way you have put the colour areas together, with lots of different fabrics. It's a work of art.
    Needless to say, the only reason I am here reading your post is that it is the middle of the night and I have several hours of work to go. Nothing new there. Congratulations on an excellent piece of work.

  2. Wow Lisa, wonderful translation of the subject! It’s so beautiful! So much to look at and to discover! I applaud you!

  3. thanks ladies. I am really pleased with how it turned out! Fun technique!!!

  4. Lisa! Congrats on your daughter's graduation but more importantly congrats on a very successful and fun quilt! I fam very intimidated by faces butnthis looks wonderful, and all of that color is very celebratory!

  5. Soo great! That looks really fun!! And tonnes of work! Great job!

  6. WOW! That is a gorgeous piece Lisa - all those little pieces and diverse fabrics have been artfully melded together into a stunning portrait of your daughter. Well done!

  7. What a wonderful way to celebrate a family milestone. Your quilt is stunning! The way you have collaged little pieces of fabric to create a truly celebratory piece is awesome! You have a tremendous sense of colour value.

  8. You have piqued our interest in a yet another new technique. Your labor intensive creation shows a lot of planning with a very successful outcome.

  9. What a wonderful way to show your daughter how proud you are of a significant milestone in her life! It has energy, and draws me in to look closer. Wonderful way to start off the second challenge!

  10. Lisa, both your daughter and your quilt are beautiful! You are just so dang talented. I am in love with it!!