Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our new tool

Here is a tool and a half!  It weighs a ton! (not quite,but it's pretty heavy) 
My other half and I decided that it was time he had a decent piece of machinery to work on. 
So, yesterday we went and bought - not one, but two brand spanking new lathes (the machine you turn wood on). 
One of them did weigh a ton and it is downstairs in his workshop - or is it a cave?, but this is a little mini one which is currently upstairs and I have been having a go. 
Don't worry guys, I will not br giving up fibre art, I just want to be able to make pretty handles for my sewing tools and lace making bobbins, and beads, and maybe some other bits and pieces....... 


  1. Talk about tools!! Have fun exploring wood turning.

  2. LOL! Vicki, what happened to keeping it simple? I like the idea of sewing tool handles though and maybe with a bit of inlaid mother of pearl...just kidding!!

  3. Oh this is just awesome....how much fun. Kudos to you Vicki