Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A week to go - oh no!

With a week left to finish my Challenge 2 piece about Celebrations, I am working very hard.
I have done lots of samples and know exactly what I am going to do - except there are two different pieces!
I have really only just started putting them together yesterday.
Here's a peek.

This one might look familiar from the samples I did a while ago.  A fair bit of glueing to go before I even start stitching..
This is my second piece under the needle - not much to see - just a bit of blue fabric and some watercolour pencil painting.  I have just started stitching.
How are all of you other tangles, besides Lisa (Drat that hard working girl lol) getting along?
Will we all have something next week?  I love seeing everyone's work, it is always so exciting!!!


  1. That looks already exciting to me Vicki, I’m sure you will make a wonderful quilt again! Can you please tell me, what is the round object in the second picture?

    I will definitely have a piece next week, the quilt layers are finished and quilted, still debating on adding some extra’s or not, being a minimalist. I also need to decide on how to finish my quilt. Binding, facing, satin stitching?
    I downloaded a pdf from Quilting Arts with all kinds of techniques to finish an art quilt, so I will experiment with some little sandwiches.

  2. I am ready to go, which is a good thing because I am in a workshop with Carol Soderlund all week. I knew I had to have it done before that!!

    Your two pieces certainly look interesting, Vicki- and very different from mine. That is what makes this so much fun!

  3. Oh Vicki this look very interesting and I am getting so nervous that I will not be able to catch up but I am still trying. I know you all are probably upset with me but I do miss not being able to be on time this is just not me...but it is so nice to read that you are very excited about your art.....I miss you all very much.

  4. Hurray for you all that are ahead of me. My design is gelling and soon to be fused.

  5. Appears everyone is ahead of me this time but I finally had a chance to start on the real thing yesterday so I will have something to reveal on the 18th!

  6. Just got back from out of town, but I was adding bits and pieces to my quilt. Can't wait to see the reveal.

  7. oh so much fun happening here! I am waaaaay behind on this one, but hope to make so major progress over the next few days - I better - time is running out!