Monday, January 13, 2014

Artistic License

“ A writer’s or artist’s freedom to deviate from fact or from conventions . . . for effect.”

“The freedom to create an artwork, musical work, or piece of writing based  on the artist's interpretation . . .

Some of us have mentioned the influence of others on our work, especially the influence of famous artists or those well known in the world of fiber art. Over the years, I have noticed works of art in museums and galleries and thought, “wouldn’t that be a great quilt?” What painting, sculpture, photograph, architectural wonder or graphic arts image has given you inspiration?

Piet Mondrian Composition A

Some artists modify older works of art to develop new ones. What shapes, colors, composition or media in the works of other have given you an “aha moment”? Or maybe you have been inspired by something in the natural world.

Just in case you need some images to get your creative juices flowing, this may prove to be useful:



  1. Love, love, love this! Just what I need to fit in with my word for this year, "experiment". thanks Judy! off to check out the link you provided.

  2. EGADS! lol.. It sounds like a real challenge to me, so I had better get working!

  3. You've really set us free on this one!

  4. Thanks, this will be a great one. The artcylopedia site is awesome also, but this link also links to art videos in fact I think one of you guys put me on to it.

  5. I love this idea, Judy- thanks for helping to get my creative juices flowing!