Sunday, January 12, 2014

from that first lullaby

that your mother sings, music is part of our lives - it's woven into our fabric. 

Music - woven

We live with nursery rhymes, TV jingles, theme songs, camp fire singalongs - we can't escape!  We turn the radio up when a favourite song comes on, so we can belt it out along with the radio - right?  I know I'm not the only one that does that!

Right through our lives we are surrounded by music.  Anthems at the beginning of sporting events. Graduation ceremonies - all that Pomp and Circumstance.  Weddings - that first waltz, right through to a funeral march.  Even nature - bird songs, whale songs, the lovely musical sound of a waterfall.  It's all around us, and in us.

I started out doing some weaving - 

thought that would work, so I created some fabric paper by gluing some sheet music to a piece of muslin.  I spritzed it with some ink before the glue dried to give it a bit of colour.  Once it was dry, I sliced it up and woven it into a piece of satin.

I had some fabric with music on it so I pieced it  with some random fabric to make my piece bigger.  Next step was to create a stencil using freezer paper, and then using paint sticks, stencil a treble clef on to the fabric

I also quilted a woven area into one section.

I needed something more with the treble clef, so I painted some fusible interfacing, cut out some notes and stuck them on.  Decided they were too black so rubbed them with a little paintstick to tone them down a bit

then finished it all off with some quilting - the words "Music - Woven into the fabric of our lives" and a few extra notes and treble clefs

Do you have music in your soul?


  1. So true, and I love all the weaving that tells the tale. Can't do anything without music. the stencilling is great and so is your handwriting

  2. I hadn't realized how much music is woven into our daily lives till I read your post. The various techniques you used along with the weaving adds to that interwoven sense. You have a wonderful artistic flair.

  3. Your use of multiple techniques makes such a harmonious whole. The notes and writing were an excellent way to tie everything together.Lovely craftsmanship, as always.

  4. I'm with Judy- there's a lot of variety in your piece that creates a beautiful choir, singing in tune. A lovely interpretation of the theme, Janet.

  5. Very very cool. This is wonderful

  6. It’s a beautiful phrase and the quilt is so well executed!
    I love that I start to recognize your work as well of the other members!

  7. Wonderful quilt and as always so beautifully executed! I feel the choice of fabrics and techniques really portraits the subtleties of music in all aspects of our lives, including the softness of lullabies, humming to ourselves, etc.

  8. Wow Janet, this is very cool and yes, music is woven into each of our lives!

  9. I do have music in my soul and as you've wonderfully shown it weaves all throughout my life. Lovely!