Sunday, January 12, 2014

Music - On Stage, Singing and Dancing

Music began in my sketchbook .... dangling notes, dancing ....
....perhaps the notes shouldn't dangle .....
 .... was winter on my mind?
 .....I kept thinking of "every good boy deserves fudge" .... did you learn your music lines with those words?
 ...and finally getting close to my final plan .... five notes .....
I did make a final sketch but didn't take a photo of it .... just started digging into my fabric stash .....

 I was thrilled to find that I didn't have to create "rhythm" background, as I already have this dyed piece in the colors I wanted.... but I did dye the yellow/orange and red strips to match .....

Decisions.... how to add the notes .... machine zig-zag, machine stitch cord, or ..... I finally decided to hand stitch the cording in place...... was lacking something. I wanted the treble clef to be dancing and singing with the backup of notes, but this wasn't it ... so I added the dance trail of the treble clef as it had entered the stage .... seemed to tie the piece together and ground the treble clef......
 ....but those notes were too stiff so I ripped parts out and tried to make them a little more graceful.....and I added another cord next to the original cord of each of the white notes. I'm hoping the music show is ready to go!
 Thanks Janet for a fun challenge!


  1. Brilliant - I have how you have shown the whole process - thanks for sharing

  2. Those colors really do sing and the notes definitely dance. Bravo!!

  3. such a happy quilt - I can almost hear the music playing!

  4. Wow, Gina! Your idea is absolutely wonderful! Such a creative take on the theme!

  5. Oh this makes me want to join the happy dance! Wonderful vibrant colours. Beautiful expression of the theme Gina. Kudos!

  6. I love your hand dyed background along with those curvy notes. I can hear a smoother rock piece playing in the background- maybe one of Jimi Hendrix's less raucous songs?

  7. This is singing to me. As lisa put it in her quilt, music is what your emotions sound like and this is what they look like, especially if we were pottering around the garden singing a song to ourselves on a perfect day. I love it.

  8. Your happy qullt reminds me of a warm Summer day on the beach while listening to the music played in one of the beach clubs!