Friday, January 17, 2014

Something to do when it's hot

It has been very hot here in the last week, up to 44 celsius, which is over 110F.  It has been impossible to work in my studio, so I have been doing a bit of work on art history.  I thought this might fit in with our new theme.
My favourite period of art is the impressionist period and I watched a ton of videos on the impressionists.
What really amazed me is that the Truth is not anything set.  Different art historians present their FACTS, but every historian tells a different story.  Two people in particular I found were presented quite differently by different historians.
The first is Edgar Degas
The author of those lovely ballet paintings is presented as a friendly person who was a close friend of Mary Cassatt by one historian, and another historian presents him as a misogynist, who regarded her as 'just a woman'.  How different is that?
The second person is Paul Gaughin.
One historian presented him as a selfish and egotistical person who deserted Vincent van Gogh in his time of need, whilst another presents him as a sensitive man, who did his best to help a mad Vincent.
It is difficult to know what the truth is about either of them.  Luckily these two are not on my short list...or perhaps they should be just for this reason?
And of course what I am to do with all this information is beyond me at present.  I started my search because I was looking for something to use as inspiration, but as yet haven't found anything which pops out at me, except for the life of /vincent, but that is because he has always been my favourite.
Just a bit of information I though might be of interest.


  1. examples of artistic license perhaps? Everyone interpreting the information in their own way. Interesting reading, for sure!

  2. An unique approach to finding inspiration Vicki. Not having formally studied art it is interesting to read how different the facts can be portrayed. Perhaps Janet is right in that it has to do with artistic licence.

  3. Vicki, I also love the impressionists period. I watched a series on DVD from the Teaching Company through our library. Very interesting!!! I did hear that Van Gogh was very upset that Gaugin was not interested in becoming the kind of friend that he wanted and that is what began the downward spiral that eventually resulted in the injury to his ear. Who knows, right?

  4. Such interesting places we are going and things we are discovering in order to satisfy our need to be successful at this challenge. Thanks, Vicki, for pointing out these discrepancies. I hope it cools off soon!!

  5. Vicki, I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. Too hot or too cold, either one is miserable.

    You've given me some ideas for where to start my own research. I've always loved art history, especially the more modern. Good luck on your quest!