Sunday, January 12, 2014

Feeling the music

 I get ideas in my head when a new challenge is announced
but most of them never come to fruition.

This theme was no exception!

Perhaps some day I will learn the skill of sketching out my ideas on paper!

As the deadline loomed,
I looked at musical photos, 
musical videos,
 and finally
musical quotes.
While I feel like this may not be the most original idea
I resorted to my love of text to portray this theme....

using some musical black and white fabrics (of course!)
that have been in my stash for a while
along with some of my newer hand dyed fabrics
to create this quilt...

Oddly enough,
while I aimed for the 16" x 20" size suggested by Janet, 
my piece came out to be 18 7/8" x 20 5/8".
(Yes, I usually am odd!)

I think I may try to add some embellishing -
I started playing with some beading in the "i"-
(and if I do, I will post an updated photo!)
but I did manage to finish this one in time 
for our extended deadline.


  1. Lisa, love your use of colors with black and white- it gets the point across! I've never heard that quote, but I really like it. I think some beads would be a nice addition.

  2. This piece has you written all over it Lisa! It is wonderful that you drew upon your love of lettering to express your interpretation of the theme. Yes do add the beading embellishment; especially to the "feelings".

  3. I love how you created your letters and your use of color, plus I love this phrase and the feelings your piece creates!

  4. love this Lisa - the quote is perfect and your fabric and colour choices sing!

  5. Yes, this is all you. I love your bold texts and colours and the quote is so true.

  6. The colors of your hand dyed fabrics add to the joy and meaning of this apt quotation. Nice job!

  7. This is a real Lisa original! Love the quote and the colours!