Sunday, January 12, 2014

Water Music

My inspiration came to me, via wikipedia, quite quickly, however it didn't turn out quite how I envisioned it.
I am posting this, because it was an interesting experiment, or series of experiments and, isn't that what the challenge is all about?  I had fun doing it and didn't let myself stress over the things that didn't quite work.  It's a learning experience and this certainly was, for me.
I cut lots of tesselating shapes that suggested water to me, with fusible on the back.
Then I arranged them and fused them for my background
I free motioned some music.  It is the opening bars of George frederic handel's "Water Music".
There is also some handwriting in free motion with variegated thread - very messy.
I also added some foiled text - which was one of the things I was really quite happy with and will do again.
I also added a print on chiffon, which worked well but the contrast was not good, so I outlined some parts.  I didn't like it, so I added a bit of scribbled free motion colour to the main characters.  It was a bit rough, but I just went with it.
you can see my original idea of the water shapes in the background created major problems with contrast.  The shapes are all fused to the background.  Probably, I should have kept it simple and left the picture off, but it was the picture that inspired me in the first place.
"Water Music" does exist,  but the premiere as depicted in the picture is only hearsay, as the painting was painted a hundred years after the supposed day.  But supposedly the music was played for King george 1 on a trip up the Thames River on 17 July 1717.  This story is what the handwriting in the background tells.
Also, my picture is a bit hard to read, and this, I think is due to the shiny gold affecting the other colours in the picture, like glare.
So that is my piece!  As I said, it was quite an experiment.


  1. Vicki, your experimentation has created a piece that makes me want to come in for a closer look. The tessellating shapes gave me a sense of musical movement, especially with the FM notes added. This is a stunning piece.

  2. It is amazing to see everyone's interpretation on the theme! You are always willing to experiment with a number of media! Nothing is off limits for you and I love that about your art! (I wonder if there was less contrast in the water color(s), you could better see the foreground figures- or perhaps it is the photo?)

  3. Vicki, this is a lovely piece that really conveys the theme. The water is soft and flowing, like the music. I think Lisa may have a good idea- but then, I totally agree that these challenges are all about experimentation and fun, and you more than any of us are willing to jump in with all kinds of media!

  4. Your experiments worked out beautifully! Seeing the steps and learning about the water music really makes the final piece sing as it draws me in to all the fabulous details.

  5. I love how your piece has turned out - your experimentation's have all worked very well - each and every one of your detail shots has me oohing and aahing, and wanting to get in really close and see all the fine details. I love the story you've portrayed and the methods you have used. You are so good at doing the experimenting, keep it up!

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments. As we all know it is sometimes difficult to be objective about our own work.

  7. I m always amazed by your willingness to try any technique and your ability to march boldly ahead, undaunted, even when things are not going as planned. I am particularly fond of the tessellating shapes and the colors used for the water. The light, airy feeling of the notes give the piece buoyancy, which is so in keeping with the music.

  8. You’ve used so many techniques and I applaud you for not giving up on the quilt, as it’s looking wonderful! I love all the ideas that brought it together!