Saturday, November 8, 2014

..and then wait 72 hours.

So today, I painted my Fabric for my piece.
I used acrylic, simply because it was easier.  I intend to do a lot of free motion embroidery and the stiffness helps with that.  The piece at the top was an extra piece that I put all the leftover paint on.
When they dried, which was not long as it was very hot today, I stencilled the feathers.
I used shiva sticks to do the stencilling, although I could have just used paint.  The one on the left was my scrap piece and I thought it looked a bit like monet's waterlilies, so I added a bit of paintstick to make it look more like it!

And now.  Wait 72 hours.  I put quite a bit on, so although stencilled images can dry quicker, I will wait the whole time, 'till tuesday, just to be sure.  and then I'll be doing a lot of stitching between then and the due date.


  1. Lovely colors; this will be elegant when finished.

  2. A beautiful garden is springing up!