Sunday, November 16, 2014

Progress Beyond the Sketchbook

Several weeks back I got out my machine and did some stitching with my friend Jackie. I was just randomly cutting and stitching, hoping to get inspired for my pocket quilt. Later I played with these two pieces but it didn't lead me anywhere but out to the garden. With the new reveal date I have renewed hope of revealing on time. So this week I made a few more sketches of ideas thinking that I needed to incorporate or refer to what has been one of my major time consumers in the past couple months. THE GARDEN seemed to surface. So instead of continuing with my pockets idea I switched to the garden. I also decided to incorporate photography as that is one of my passions when I'm out in the garden. So I found this on my shelf ..... I cut up some fabric and soaked it in the Bubble 200, ironed on some freezer paper, cut to size and ready to print.

I decided to alter a few photos in Photoshop and headed to the printer only to find it out of colored ink. So to the store ..... no ink for our old printer, too old and no time to wait for mail order so back to the store. New printer ....
 Only one of four test pages jammed so the printer is a keeper.
 I've chosen one photo of a Sand Dune Sun Flower... and I'll combine it with a sun-print of leaves from Lisa. I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use Lisa's fabric and this seems perfect, thanks Lisa!
 So I think I'm on a roll now.....


  1. This looks exciting!! I think you are on to something. Thank goodness for the time extension. We both need it.

  2. Judy is right Gina! You are on to something! Looking forward to seeing how you use your photo and Lisa's fabric.