Friday, November 21, 2014

Getting on

I have finished quilting the other pieces to my feathers!
But of course I forgot to photograph them.
The next step was to decide what to do with all the edges!
I have decided to bead them and so I needed to seal them
Here I am painting the contour cut edges with white glue.

I did both sides.  You can see here that I have not put any backing fabric on.  This is just one of my little foibles.  I always leave the backing off, and add it it after I have finished handstitching to cover up my threads.
Here are my pieces hanging up to dry.
And the dried pieces arranged as they will be in the finished piece.
And here I am beading the edge of the centre piece.  I hope I will finish the beading in time!  Also, notice I am using a mix of beads.  I did not have enough of any particular colour to do the whole edge, so I have chosen a range of colours that are in the fabric.


  1. Such yummy colors. The bead work will be a stunning addition.

  2. Oh my these are looking terrific. The beading must take a considerable length of time, but in the end, it will have your personal flair.

  3. how beautiful! this is going to be a masterpiece. the addition of the beads is perfect, even if time consuming

  4. I admire your patience for sewing on beads! Looking beautiful!

  5. Vicki, this is going to be gorgeous!!!! awaiting the finished project!