Thursday, November 20, 2014

Process Showing Progress

This week I moved along quickly with my Process.
 I laid out the fabrics I would start with and selected the threads that I thought would work best for the quilting. I decided to stitch my fabrics together onto my batting as I went and do some of the quilting as I went along, so chose a backing fabric and ironed it onto my batting. I'm using a polyester batting with glue on one side.
Playing with various options for the corners, thinking some black and white fabric would suggest the butterflies who visit the garden.
 Always thinking of adding some clay pieces....
 With no raw edges it didn't feel right as my garden is not nearly so perfect to suggest no raw edges so I decided to tear some strips of green fabric, twist it as I stitched it on and hope for some raw edges showing hap-haphazardly.

 I had some gold jump rings laying on my table so laid them in the center over the mad quilting I had done with variegated thread.
 I decided to leave that idea behind but may add some had stitching in metallic thread later.
Next is the gold metallic stitching through the petals...... and how to finish .... I'm feeling confident it will be ready for the 24th. Now back to the garden for more inspiration......