Monday, November 24, 2014

Dad's Spirit Pillow

Until now you have been reading the process I have used to create what I'm about to reveal today.  You read about the inspiration here, and the process of its creation here, here, and here.  Please indulge me a little more.  Here in its entirety is the rest of the poem that inspired my piece.

This song my friend, please understand
is from my heart, about my land.
My country young and great and wide,
two might oceans on its side,
And looking north, when clear the nights,
it's marked by our Northern Lights.
Where love and energy I give
with pride and pleasure, here to live,
in peace, in Canada, my land.
Please keep it that way, not to end.
I wish that it shall always be,
the country that it is for me.
A favour though, I'd like to ask
should you be charged a certain task.
When spirit moves to greater heights
my destination Northern Lights;
Just gather stems of wheat and hay
no matter what some people say,
Some twigs of cedar, birch and willow;
I'd like these for my spirit's pillow.
Then intertwine them, make a wreath, 
adorn it with a maple leaf;
Then place the same upon a hill
and know, my spirit is here still.
©   A.H.E. 

The final steps in the process included the addition of some thread stitched cedar boughs;

and of course some free motion quilting.

The process now being complete, here at long last is the end result.

I hope I did my inspiration justice.  Oh yes and thank you Vicki for this "theme", I'm getting better at documenting the PROCESS!


  1. Brigette, what a touching poem and a real tribute! A keeper! I know this will always be held near to your heart! gorgeous!

  2. Wonderful!!!! The piece and poem!

  3. Oh Brigitte this is wonderful; you have more than done justice to your inspiration! This brought tears, reading your father's poem and seeing how you've created exactly what he asked for in his poem. Beautiful!

  4. Oh this is so wonderful! I am often inspired to do work about my country and my father as well, but I can never get it off the ground. This is truly something to treasure. Beautiful

  5. I love the poem, and your creation certainly does it justice. You poured yourself into this one, and it shows.

  6. What a wonderful, heart felt tribute to your Dad and your country. Your work is exquisite and portrays the sentiment of the poem perfectly.

  7. what a wonderful tribute to your father and his incredible poem. You've definitely done it justice dear friend!