Monday, November 24, 2014

Beverly- The Process

Lighthouse Blues, 2014
16 X 16
Indigo dyed cotton,hand dyed cotton, machine pieced and quilted

I am feeling pretty ambivalent about this piece- the 'oomph' just seemed to leave me midway through the process.  It is sort of what I had envisioned in my head, but I'm finding it underwhelming.  I think I will be putting it away for awhile, to see if time changes that at all.

I hadn't originally thought to do a 'wonky' quilt, but that's how it turned out.  Once I decided to inset the orange strips, there was no point in trying to make it anything else.  So my quilting reflects that- I can tell my free motion skills have gotten rusty!

This one was also a bit of a learning experience.  Sometimes my organic, intuitive design process has worked well. This one, I'm not so sure.  Maybe there are times I need to be more thoughtful and planful, and part of the learning for me will be to distinguish between the two.  I don't see myself ever being a big sketchbook person, but I may have to learn to incorporate more of that into the design of certain pieces.

So, there it is.  I'm glad I can finally relax and get ready for the holidays!


  1. I really like that you inserted the orange strips as they contrast so beautifully with your indigo dyed fabrics and the movement you've created with your dyed fabric makes the composition very striking. I hope you pull it back out soon and enjoy your piece as well as the holidays!

  2. I love the orange strips as well. And the piece itself is lovely with so much depth in the indigo dying. Sometimes putting something away for a short time can help us be more objective about something we are too close to, I'm sure you will be happier with it after a break!

  3. To me, Lighthouse Blues is a striking piece in the modern approach that you have been recently pursuing. I can understand your disappointment, but to me it is a definitely successful.

  4. Like Judy said this reflects the modern approach. I don't think it is underwhelming at all. The motion you created in the indigo background is striking. That and the addition of the orange strips adds drama to the piece. I'm sure the "oomph" will come back after a little sabbatical.

  5. This piece really speaks to me - definitely not underwhelming in my books! The flashes of orange with the indigo are perfect. I love your title, too - it is perfect - I see the orange as the beams of light guiding those boats through the rough and tumultuous sea. I hope this will be a case of fresh eyes appreciating a piece that maybe didn't go quite as you had planned. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday!

  6. I agree with you. It is a great start but not quite finished. Maybe a bit more of the orange oomph around your three white lights to make them really stand out? Right now I think they are losing to the orange slivers.

  7. I really like what you have! I do love the blue piece of fabric as well as the pops of orange! Perhaps making one of the circles orange? I have the same issue... things don't always finish as planned. Frustrating isn't it? Have a wonderful holiday!