Monday, November 24, 2014

Garden 2014

The last steps of my process ...... after getting the basics together I had to decide how to finish the quilting. I chose a shiny black thread to outline the petals and then filled in with a gold metallic thread.
 Then how to finish the outer border..... I cut and placed fuzzy yarns which almost made the final cut...
 or how about adding a clay snake or worm? and do I add the black and white dotted fabric as binding or a yellow binding?
 No, I chose to face the quilt and keep it simple with the clay wiggle and four simple beads.
 I'm wondering if I added too much and should remove the clay pieces and go for even simpler. But for now it stays.
 Some close ups ... I did get some raw edges with the green strips as hoped for and I love the leaf prints in Lisa's sun-prints!
Thanks Vicki for another fun challenge!


  1. Lovely piece that truly reflects your personality. Me...I think the clay should stay. It's not too much!

  2. Gina, beautiful! I agree with Brigette, you really shine through this piece! I love the addition of clay ... it's you!

  3. I love the way you've incorporated both your passions- the clay adds to the piece, especially the four corner beads. Love the colors, love how the sunprint adds to the quilt. This one really is you, Gina.

  4. I can just imagine how wonderful your garden is! I like your clay bits mixed in with the fibre - like Beverly says, combining your passions. It definitely works!

  5. The use of the sun printed fabric, is a good complement to the flower. You have included everything except the aromatic smell of a garden in bloom on a warm spring day. The clay adds a dash of whimsy!