Thursday, November 13, 2014

Starting to stitch

I am just started on my stitching of the base of my piece.
Here is the bottom layer, stitched.  I am hoping to have time to do a little hand stitching and beading, but we will see.

Now I just have to rinse and repeat with the other layers.

Since four of us would like a bit more time and this is all supposed to be fun, Reveal date has been moved to the 24th.  Breathe.  You now have an extra 8 days!


  1. Beautiful Vicki, and thank you for the extension!

  2. Eager to see the completed project!

  3. Thanks Vicki for extending the deadline. I like the fresh spring-like colours you have chosen. Like JB, I'm looking forward to seeing the completed piece.

  4. That looks wonderful- I love what the stitching adds. And yes, I am so thankful for the extra days!