Monday, November 24, 2014

Mini Mandala

It's the end of our process challenge and time to reveal the full quilt.  I have to say that this was a tough one for me to document - I so seldom actually have a full plan before I start, and then to actually stop and think about what I was doing along the way??!!
My early thoughts were captured here and here  I left you wondering how I was going to add colour and whether I was going to use trapunto.
To pick it up at that point, I decided to use two layers of batting and forego the trapunto.  I quilted up my outlines
and decided I would start with thread colour and see where that took me

some stitching - I gave myself some guidelines this time, and used a Frixon pen, which you will see in many of the pictures.  Being a wholecloth quilt, I wanted to stick to tradition and have it fairly symetrical.  The lines helped with that.

I started with the yellow centre, then moved onto the orange petals

Then to the green cross hatching - I used my rulers here

then to the blue - I started doing a feather but didn't like it so actually did some reverse stitching, which is pretty unusual for me, but I'm glad I did.


you can see I also added some pink in the form of the circles in the corners.  Next the background was quilted - I contemplated going with another colour, but then decided that there was such a thing as too much colour, so I dialed it back to white!

Finished the cross hatching, and then did matchstick quilting around the edge.  A quick hit with a hot iron and the green marks are gone

I decided that there was already enough colour, so I didn't get to try my pastels, this time.

I added the binding last night

and I am very happy with the final result! 
Mandala mini

Thank you for another interesting challenge Vicki!

(My apologies about the quality of the pictures, seems I just wasn't ready to take any while the sun was actually shining!)


  1. Beautiful Janet! Great choices in colour and design and your superb quilting skills certainly make this quilt outstanding.

  2. I am flabbergasted. I can't imagine doing this all free motion without the embroidery attachment or the quilting machine that is computerized. So lovely!

  3. Janet, as always... perfection! your quilting is magnificent!!! Gorgeous!!!

  4. At a recent hand embroidery class I was told that hand stitching revealed the individual "hand" of the maker. Well let me just say that this is also true for FMQ. This definitely shows your "hand". The detail of the various patterns is stunning and the whole piece just sings! Bravo!!

  5. As usual, this is totally amazing work! So beautiful! I agree with Brigitte, it is totally you and a credit to you!

  6. Beautiful work and drop dead gorgeous quilting, Janet. I agree, this one is you!

  7. You did it in an wonderful way... I like that design and perfection of your work.. This is really awesome!!! Jaslynn, Bizbilla